Cain unfazed by Garofalo, responds with trademark humor

Herman Cain has a far better sense of humor than supposed comedienne Janeane Garafalo, who last week on Keith Olbermann’s Current TV show very unfunnily suggested Cain is a prop of conservative puppet masters, paid to deflect charges of racism leveled at the Tea Party.

Cain, whose fundraising numbers are relatively low, took her comments with a grain of salt — and, on Sean Hannity’s show last night, joked he’d like to see the money he’s supposedly receiving.

“Look, if Janeane Garofalo and these other loonies believe I’m being paid, would she send me the phone number because whoever is supposed to be paying me – they are behind on their payments, OK?” Cain said. “As far as Olbermann talking about delusions of grandeur – see Sean, you know this, I know this and most correct-thinking conservatives know this: When all else fails the liberals call you names or attack your personality. I find it pathetic and hilarious that she is now resorting to this because what that means, Sean, is they are really concerned that I’m a threat to their beloved Barack Obama.”

So ungracious and inappropriate were Garofalo’s comments that they barely deserved to be dignified with a response, but Cain struck the right tone here. No malice, no defensiveness, not even justifiable crankiness. Just the wit and wisdom so conspicuously lacking from the Olbermann segment.

Cain even manages to interpret the double standard that so irks many conservatives (me, for example!) as a positive sign.

“It exists because the liberals, including the president, the Democrats, they like a double standard,” Cain said. The president was the one who called for a new era of civility. And now look at what they are doing. You are right. It is a double standard because the Democrats nor the president have any positive results to run on. The American people want results. And all they can do is name-call. Their only weapon is to try and demean the Tea Party movement, call them names. Didn’t Joe Biden also say we were a bunch of terrorists? Look, they are so out of touch with the American people and it is starting to show. That’s all it is, Sean.”

Cain betrays all the can-do-optimism and impressive resilience of an entrepreneur with his comments — and, in the process, reminds listeners of all he has to offer the public discourse that a washed-up actress lacks. And he never even says an unkind word about her.