May 2018

“A tireless champion of strong borders and the rule of law.”

Apr 2018

“What do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement…”

Feb 2018

Going faster than free bacon

Jan 2018

Are you ready for Senator Joe Arpaio?

Allahpundit Jan 09, 2018 1:31 PM


Nov 2017

Finding workarounds

Sep 2017

Cooperating with ICE has its pros and cons

But who cares what law enforcement thinks, amiright?

Aug 2017

Why did Sheriff Clarke resign?

Allahpundit Aug 31, 2017 8:31 PM


Joe Arpaio: I might primary Jeff Flake

Allahpundit Aug 28, 2017 1:31 PM

“I’ve got support. I know what support I have.”

Jun 2017

“Wars are won before they even begin”

Apr 2017
Feb 2017

Expensive real estate and high-end visitors

Mar 2016

Endemic criminal behavior

Dec 2015

Empire State of the arms race

Aug 2015


Yet another assassin strikes

Apr 2015

Not a Taser.

Mar 2015