Why did Sheriff Clarke resign?

He’s going to be our new Secretary of State, isn’t he?

There’s no word from the local papers as I write this about why he quit but the perpetual theories are (1) he’s getting hired by Fox News or (2) he’s getting hired by Trump. Or maybe (3) both, as it seems we’re destined to see someone, probably Hannity, end up working both gigs simultaneously before the Trump era ends.


There’s no word yet on why the sheriff chose today to tender his resignation or what his next moves may be.

In June, the sheriff withdrew his name from consideration for an Assistant Secretary Position at the Department of Homeland Security after speculation he would fill that role.

The sheriff was in Nashville at the time of his resignation and could not immediately be reached for comment.

As to theory one:

C’mon, they’re going to at least make him a contributor. No one this side of Tomi Lahren serves up right-wing red meat as reliably on cable as Clarke does, and Lahren herself officially became a Fox News contributor yesterday. Tough call now for the future of Fox at 9 p.m.: “Clarke & Lahren” or “Lahren & Clarke”?

As to theory two: Could this guy get confirmed for any position that requires Senate confirmation? Is civil libertarian Rand Paul voting for this for a DHS job?

The family of Terrill Thomas, who died of dehydration at the Milwaukee County Jail last year, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Monday over his death.

The lawsuit comes 3½ months after an inquest jury recommended seven people involved in Thomas’ detention be charged with crimes, and while District Attorney John Chisholm continues to weigh that decision.

The seven jail officials are among 29 defendants named in the lawsuit, including Milwaukee County and Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., whose office runs the jail. The defendants include eight jail supervisors, 14 correctional officers, Armor Correctional Health Services, and a doctor and three nurses who worked for Armor at the jail.


Thomas showed signs of “acute mental illness” before he was placed in an isolation cell that had all of its water turned off. All you’d need is Paul and two of the usual Collins/Murkowski/McCain holdouts to vote no to sink Clarke. But maybe Trump will bypass confirmation by making him an advisor in the Sebastian Gorka mold, a guy with no official duties but who appears regularly on cable to throw roundhouses at the president’s enemies with White House sanction. That would be a tough one for John Kelly: Clarke’s exactly the sort of cop Trump likes, Arpaio-esque in the sense that he seems to believe America is waaaay too soft in how it treats its convicts, but he’s also exactly the sort of right-wing populist bombthrower that Kelly himself seems to have no use for. Bannon and Gorka were both unemployed in short order in the Kelly era. If Clarke lands a job in the administration, it’d be smoking-gun proof that Kelly has lost his influence over personnel.

He’ll probably end up with his own conservative talk radio show, let’s face it.

Update: Your move, Kelly!

David Clarke, the controversial outgoing sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wis., is expected to take a job in the Trump administration, according to two sources familiar with the matter…

It’s unclear what job Clarke will take in the administration, but one of the sources said he’s expected to join the White House. Clarke likely won’t be offered a Senate-confirmed role because his nomination would face opposition from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.


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