Florida Sheriff has a blunt warning for heroin dealers: 'We are coming for you'

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell of Lake County Florida is putting heroin dealers on notice. In a video which has been liked and shared thousands of times, Sheriff Grinnell stands at a podium flanked by four officers wearing body armor and face masks.

“Over the last month or so I’ve had several phone calls from citizens in this county concerned about the number of overdoses related to heroin. I want our citizens to know that I am aware of this serious issue,” Sheriff Grinnell says. He then asks for tips from county residents of any location where heroin dealing is taking place.

“To the dealers that are pushing this poison, I have a message for you: We’re coming for you,” Grinnell says. He continues, “As a matter of fact, our undercover agents have already bought heroin from many of you. We are simply waiting for the arrest warrants to be finalized.

“So, to the dealers I say, enjoy looking over your shoulders, constantly wondering if today’s the day we come for you. Enjoy trying to sleep tonight, wondering if tonight’s the night our SWAT team blows your front door off the hinges. We are coming for you.”

“If our agents can show the nexus between you, the pusher of poison, and the person that overdoses and dies, we will charge you with murder,” Grinnell says. He adds, “We are coming for you. Run.”

The video is below. I’m assuming the four officers have their faces covered so the dealers won’t recognize them and potentially target them. Will this frighten some dealers and convince them to leave town? I don’t know any heroin dealers but I have the impression they may not be the brightest people around. If they were, they wouldn’t pick a career that could land them in jail for long stretches of time. Then again, that’s all the more reason the message sent to them should be simple and uncomplicated, i.e. we’re coming for you.