Rush Limbaugh
Jan 2019


Dec 2018

“It’s a textbook example of what the Drive-By Media calls compromise.”

Nov 2018

“Hey, great to be here!”

Jul 2018
Feb 2018

“I would be very careful if I were President Trump here.”

“All of the apocalyptic warnings I grew up hearing have yet to happen.”

Nov 2017
Oct 2017
Sep 2017

“Does he not know what got him elected?”

Jul 2017

“It’s an opportunity being squandered, and I know it has you frustrated.”

“I think a lot of Trump’s voters have as one of their primary objectives just stopping the cultural corruption that’s taking place.”

Jun 2017


May 2017

Noteworthy not because this sentiment is widespread but because Rush, who usually works very, very hard to stay on the …

“There is an ongoing effort to sabotage Trump personally, politically, professionally.”

“Mr. Vice President, we’ve been told this for 15 years, we’ll get ’em next time, after every continuing resolution…”

“This is the swamp. This is what needs to be drained.”

Feb 2017

“No amnesty for anybody — other than the DREAMers.”

Limbaugh to Trump: Full speed ahead

Ed Morrissey Feb 17, 2017 2:41 PM

The first CEO presidency needs results.

Dec 2016

“I suspect the president-elect’s definition of political correctness would be different than mine.”

“FDR doing all this stuff gave the Democrat Party a 50-year guaranteed majority!”

Nov 2016


Oct 2016
Sep 2016

“Conservatism lost in the primary!”

“We don’t have a conservative political party.”

Aug 2016

“I never took him seriously on this.”

“…because there is no way they are going to do anything that helps elect Hillary Clinton.”

“The hidden Trump vote in this country is a very significant proposition.”


Rush: The GOP was in freefall before Trump

Allahpundit Aug 04, 2016 8:01 PM

“The Republican Party was not on an upward trajectory as the Republican primaries began.”

Jul 2016
Jun 2016

“They’re Bernie Sanders supporters. They’re liberal Democrats.”

May 2016

“Trump’s instincts are just fine, and he had better continue to trust them.”