Rush: Melania didn't slap Trump's hand away, she gave him a "modified fist bump"

Made me laugh, as the Trumps don’t strike me as a fist-bump sort of couple. But judge for yourself in case you missed John’s post earlier this afternoon:

It’s not a fist bump. I don’t think this is right either:

If they missed each other’s hands, FLOTUS would have turned and grabbed his hand after the miss. But I don’t think she slapped it away either. It’s too hard to believe that the first couple would have a public spat on a high-profile trip with cameras pointed at them every second. Every day in America, a million couples power through social engagements together with smiling faces even though they’re privately mad at each other over something. If they can keep up appearances during their kid’s friend’s birthday party or whatever, the Trumps can and surely are doing the same during a red-carpet reception by the prime minister of Israel. Besides, you know how this White House leaks. If Melania were pissed at her husband, that would be in evidence at other semi-private moments with staff around and it would have been dished to 75 different media outlets by now. I don’t think she rejected him.

Although the possibility can’t be ruled out.

I don’t know what happened. Maybe FLOTUS didn’t see that he was reaching for her and they made contact incidentally? That’s my best guess. Nearly six million views and counting for the YouTube clip above, though.

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