Rush: It's the greatest honor not to be included in Salon's list of conservatives worth following on Twitter

Hear, hear. Can you imagine being such an impossibly candy-ass RINO as to be included in a list at Salon of… uh…



I’m appalled. “From time to time”? I crap gold nuggets of wit and wisdom on that Twitter feed every day, buddy.

I got a kick out of the Salon piece because I knew the moment I saw it that it would trigger the type of RINO panic evinced by Rush in the clip. If the left says you’re worth paying attention to, that’s mathematic proof that you’re not worth paying attention to. (Which follows logically from the definition of conservatism in the age of Trump, “Whatever makes liberals cry.”) The big joke about the list, as even Rush acknowledges, is that it has almost nothing to do with political beliefs. Everyone on there is *broadly* right-wing but they run the gamut from centrists like David Frum and Ana Navarro to more dogmatic conservatives and even a libertarian in Ken “Popehat” White. It’s not a list of 25 conservatives, it’s a list of 25 people across the righty spectrum who are willing to crack a joke at Trump’s expense. Why else would Salon be interested in our accounts? You think the Salon audience is eager for challenging rebuttals to the glories of single-payer? That’s what makes the grumbling about it among other righties so funny — the list must have taken maybe six minutes to put together and was no more thoughtful than “this dude will drop a sick burn on Steve Mnuchin occasionally” and somehow it warranted an official Rush Limbaugh seal of disapproval.

Also, the Jon Stewart thing? Happens to be true. That’s my eternal claim to RINO status, list or no list.

Anyway, I nominate Haley Byrd of the IJR to be president of the Salon Conservatives Club. Although she may be the person on the list who’s least prone to wisecrack about Trump, she has the distinction of being the only one of us to have ever assaulted a Republican senator. Doesn’t get much more RINO-y than that. Congratulations, Haley!

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