Sean Hannity: Bernie Sanders isn't to blame for this

A minor surprise, although only minor. Hannity’s a hard-hard-hardcore partisan but he’s also been emphatic on social media lately in denouncing boycotts, even when they come from the right. Whether that’s self-preservation at work or something more principled, judge for yourself. But his rule throughout has been the same — don’t behave like the most ruthless guys on the other side do, trying to destroy people’s careers just because they said something politically outre. He’s following a similar principle here. Don’t behave like the most ruthless guys on the other side do.

And the fact is, some of the left — including Bernie — has behaved quite ruthlessly indeed about shootings of political figures.

That’s the first clip. The second clip is Rush musing that if you think it’s even remotely possible that some of Trump’s staffers colluded with Russia during the campaign, you’re kinda sorta responsible for Steve Scalise getting shot today. Evidently Sean Hannity’s the voice of reason on conservative talk radio now.