Jul 2018

Too clever by half

Jun 2018

Not In My Back Yard

Jul 2016

Turn out the lights

May 2014

“Australia risks being embarrassed by global leaders who are determined to take action, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama.”

Apr 2014

Last year, European bureaucrats finally seemed to be cottoning on to the fact that their self-imposed renewable energy targets were …

Mar 2014

Add it to the list.

Oh, good.

Feb 2014
Jan 2014

Faced with electricity prices at least twice as expensive as those in the United States’ and the subsequently combined crises …

Energiewende, revised.

We’re not gonna’ take it!

Dec 2013
Nov 2013

All the wind industry wanted for Christmas last year was a continuation of the much-prized production tax credit on which …

Oct 2013
Sep 2013

But with a new-and-improved focus, you guys!

And the entirely self-defeating and economy-shrinking trade war that comes from first heavily subsidizing your own domestic industries, and then …


Jul 2013