Oct 2017

“You know, when we fought Nazi Germany, we didn’t start by trying to fight Britain.”

“Winners make policy and losers go home.”

Aug 2017

“Laughable and absurd”: Pence strikes back at NYT

Ed Morrissey Aug 07, 2017 10:01 AM


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May 2016

Here we go: GOP mulls new primary system in 2020

Allahpundit May 25, 2016 10:01 PM

“It’s always the problem that you’re fighting the last battle.”

Base turnout.

9:30 pm ET!

Upset in the making?

Apr 2016

Cruz, Kasich team up to stop Trump

Larry O'Connor Apr 25, 2016 6:01 AM

Is this a #NeverTrump maneuver?

Feb 2016

“It’s a disaster.’

Dump the caucuses altogether.

Nov 2015

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Nov 27, 2015 7:01 PM


Sep 2015

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Sep 09, 2015 10:41 PM

What went wrong?

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Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Jan 30, 2015 8:01 PM

Don’t dream it’s over.

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Jan 29, 2015 10:41 PM

The one?

Quotes of the day

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Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Jan 13, 2015 10:41 PM

What could go wrong?

Dec 2014

Back to the future?

Nov 2014

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Nov 10, 2014 10:21 PM


Oct 2014

This ain’t over yet, Romneys

Allahpundit Oct 14, 2014 11:21 AM

“There is a feeling that the country missed out on an exceptional president.”

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Oct 07, 2014 10:41 PM

Wide open.


Jun 2014

288,000 Californians vote for indicted arms trafficker

Mike Antonucci Jun 04, 2014 8:01 PM

State Senator Leland Yee, whom I hope you remember made international headlines when he was indicted on arms trafficking and …

Teachers Union Tries to Buy Alabama GOP

Mike Antonucci Jun 03, 2014 10:41 AM


May 2014


CBS poll shows Tea Party support waning

Ed Morrissey May 21, 2014 10:41 AM

Few surprises in primary fights.

When it comes to Mitch McConnell today, you know, OK, so he’ll win his primary. That is not a victory for the establishment.

“You’re perpetuating an ‘us versus them’ mentality with this gloating.”

“I don’t know that Chris will be there at the end of the day.”

Mar 2014
Nov 2013

Quotes of the day

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Tea time.

Jul 2013