House Dems grumble to CNN: We're frustrated that the Squad keeps making trouble for us

Damn, this thread is enjoyable.

If it’s true that picking a fight with the Squad — at least on “go back to where you came from” grounds — is a political loser for Trump, some members of the Democratic caucus are slow to see it. The grievances here about Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff allegedly organizing primary challenges to some Dem incumbents are real and longstanding too. That was a key complaint in the Dem pile-on of Saikat Chakrabarti this past weekend, which feels like ancient history now because it happened 48 hours before Trump started tweet-ranting “love it or leave it” stuff at Ilhan Omar. But it’s fuel on the fire that’s burning through comity on Pelosi’s side of the aisle.

Trump thinks he’s winning this fight and wasn’t shy about saying so to reporters this afternoon. Note the shot here about Omar possibly having married her brother:

There’s no question that something strange is going on in her marital history. Whether one of the men she was married to is actually her brother remains uncertain, as far as I know, but Trump’s not pulling that out of nowhere.

As for his point about the Dems going left on Israel, it makes me laugh that immediately after smoothing over the big Democratic brawl over AOC’s chief of staff by coming together to rebuke POTUS, Dems are about to have a new fight over the BDS movement thanks to Omar and the Squad. Here she is today making the case that BDS is sort of like the Boston Tea Party in that they’re both nonviolent means of pressuring an occupying power to leave. Which I guess makes the colonial continental army sort of like … Hamas? I don’t know. Cheers to House Democrats as they try to figure that one out.