Capitol Hill Competition: Live Primary Results for ME, NV, ND, SC

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We may have concluded the presidential primaries last week, but that doesn't end the choices facing voters this spring and summer. Voters in four states will cast their choices in primaries for House, Senate, and state offices, and those races will matter in November, too. 


One particular House race has national implications, as Donald Trump and his Veepstakes shortlister Doug Burgum find themselves on opposite sides in North Dakota's surprisingly expensive primary for governor. That has the potential of hampering any partnership between them for the 2024 ticket, Politico suggests:

Burgum, who unsuccessfully ran for president, chose not to run for a third term this year, kicking off a competitive primary between Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller and Rep. Kelly Armstrong. Burgum and Trump are on opposite sides: Burgum is backing Miller, while the former president is supporting Armstrong. ...

In the gubernatorial race, Armstrong and Miller have spent more than $5 million combined on advertisements, per AdImpact, many of which hurl attacks at each other. In addition to Trump, Armstrong earned the endorsement of the state Republican Party. He also benefits from the name recognition for running statewide campaigns as the at-large House member, while Miller was appointed lieutenant governor less than two years ago.

Given the polling in this race, and there hasn't been a lot of it, Trump's likely to prevail in this instance. If Armstrong wins, Trump probably won't care much about Burgum's endorsement. If Miller pulls off a surprise upset, Trump may end up holding a grudge. Both are on the same side in the North Dakota House race, though. 

That's not the only race worth watching tonight, so keep checking back! Once again, we are partnering with our friends at Decision Desk HQ to provide real-time vote results after polls close, which will happen at various times tonight. The widgets below will list those times, and will automatically update. Please note: The House primaries are all available in a single widget for each state; you will need to use the drop-down box to choose the race you want.


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South Carolina

This will give us the first results of the evening as polls close at 7 ET, roughly when this post will appear. South Carolina reports results fast too, starting with absentee balloting, so calls could get made earlier in the evening. However, the state also requires 50%+1 vote to avoid runoffs, so don't expect the general-election ballot to be settled entirely.

The marquee races here are in SC-01, where Nancy Mace faces a couple of challengers. Trump and Mike Johnson both endorsed her, but a three-way race could mean a run-off later. In SC-04, the House Freedom Caucus is running Adam Morgan to push incumbent Republican William Timmons out, but Timmons has Trump's endorsement and solid fundraising. Someone will end up with egg on their face at the end of the night, so be sure to keep up with the vote count here. There won't be a run-off, as these are the only two candidates.


Republican voters will choose their nominee to run against a very vulnerable Democrat incumbent, Jacky Rosen. It's a four-way race, but the most recent poll shows Sam Brown way out in front. There's only been a couple of polls, though, so keep a close eye here. There are also a couple of contentious House primaries, with incumbent Mark Amodei facing a challenge from his right, but Fred Simon has not done much fundraising or campaigning. The GOP is looking more closely at a pickup in NV-03 against incumbent Susie Lee and that primary appears wide open. 


North Dakota

See above, but the House primary should go to Julie Fedorchak, who got endorsements from Trump and Burgum. She has a challenge from her right in Rick Becker and one from her left from pro-choice, anti-Trump Cara Mund. The two Senate primaries have only one candidate in each. The ballot count comparison will likely be the only interesting feature.


Polls close here at 8 pm ET, but don't expect full results tonight. The individual townships report votes, not the counties, and that will take days to complete. The GOP primaries in ME-01 and ME-02 are both competitive, so those will be worth tracking. Both districts have Democrat incumbents -- Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden, respectively. There are Senate primaries to challenge independent Angus King, but he's pretty well ensconced.

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