political correctness
Jan 2019

This won’t be awkward at all…

Dec 2018

Plus: Media taking the blame for civility decline.

Oct 2018

“They’re going to drop the Apu character altogether.”

You may be in the wrong party, Chuck

When a Hitler story turns out to be actually funny

Sep 2018

“They do feel silenced…and I don’t think that’s fair or right.”

Jul 2018

Murder on the Identity Politics Express.

May 2018

Shouldn’t Publix be forced to bake the Latin cake?

Ed Morrissey May 22, 2018 8:41 PM

Summa cum clod.

“To what degree is my present level of attainment or achievement a consequence of my white privilege?”

Jan 2018

“…driven by political correctness and virtue-signaling”

“So here is a fact that is going to sound reasonably controversial but it is not…”

Oct 2017

Out: Halloween. In: Black and Orange Spirit Day

Jazz Shaw Oct 19, 2017 12:41 PM

Um… wut?

Sep 2017

“…the death of comedy.”

“…a sense of humor is actually a sense of proportion.”

Jun 2017

DoJ forfeits game to the Redskins™

Ed Morrissey Jun 30, 2017 12:41 PM

Off the hook.

May 2017

“In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private.”

Apr 2017

Politically correct?

Jan 2017

“It’s almost as if, in the face of Trump, liberal America collectively retreated to a “safe space.””

Dec 2016

Ze said, Xie said

Highly unpopular

“I suspect the president-elect’s definition of political correctness would be different than mine.”

Nov 2016

Conway: That’s false, and sexist too.

Half-woke or half-baked?

“I have no sympathy for her whatsoever.”

Sep 2016

“Now I want your job to be taken from you.”

What’s a dazzling witty film doing in a politically correct time like this?

Aug 2016

“It is very strange to read Chicago’s letter as a threat to forbid outings to gay bars or black churches.”

Political correctness and the decline of science

Jazz Shaw Aug 12, 2016 7:21 PM

Science is so last century

Pence: Why aren’t the media talking about Hillary?

Ed Morrissey Aug 10, 2016 7:21 PM

“He doesn’t go tiptoeing around the thousand rules of political correctness …”

Jul 2016

“This is the mainstream media reading into something.”

Jun 2016
May 2016
Apr 2016

Cupcake legions assemble!

Of course, because progressives need something else to complain about…

‘cupcake nation alert!’

Oh, here we go…again

Mar 2016

When hairstyles can turn violent…

What’s in a name?

But they haven’t learned their lesson…