open borders
Jan 2019

“Imagine moving from Nigeria to Nebraska as freely as one might move from Massachusetts to Maine.”

Sep 2018

Let us know how that works out for you

Jul 2018

USA Today columnist: Three cheers for open borders!

Ed Morrissey Jul 31, 2018 12:01 PM

“Who says America’s current values — some of them deeply evil — are the right ones?”

…”when they go low, we go high, and I went as high as I could.”


Jun 2018
Nov 2017

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Mar 2017

Did they wind up flipping a coin, or what?

Oct 2016
Mar 2016

Big world, big problems

Oct 2015

Good news: Captain America supports amnesty

Allahpundit Oct 16, 2015 2:41 PM

Captain Mexico?

Jul 2015

Bernie Sanders gets one right … sorta

Bruce McQuain Jul 29, 2015 7:21 PM

Things that make you go, “hmmmm ….”