Customs and Border Protection reports migrant encounters up in the month of February

Customs and Border Protection reports migrant encounters up in the month of February
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The Biden border crisis is alive and thriving at the southern border. Illegal migrant apprehensions in February were up over 60% over what they were last February. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports the February 2022 number of migrant apprehensions is 164,973. During the same month in 2021, the number reported was 101,099 encounters at the border.

We know that last year was a record-breaker for the number of illegal migrants crossing the border. The Biden administration failed to get the southern border under control, to secure it from a daily flood of migrants trying to cross the border, likely by design. Given Biden’s campaign pledge to essentially end deportations and aspirations to grant blanket amnesty to those already living in the United States, it is no wonder that those wishing to leave Central America, Mexico, and countries from around the world are trying to get across the Mexican border. The Biden administration clearly has no intention of securing the southern border or it would have been done.

Biden came into office and began on Day One to cancel successful border policies and agreements from the previous administration. He thought it made him look compassionate and separated him from Trump. All it did, though, was to show how ill prepared he is to protect our borders and American citizens, which is his top responsibility. Biden’s administration act as though it is a coincidence that 2M migrants have flooded our border since Biden took office.

Winter months are usually slow months at the border. That isn’t the case this year. In 2022, more than 150,000 migrants have been encountered each month. The number in January was 153,941. The reality is that the flow of migrants has not slowed by any significant number since Biden took office. Biden’s inability to perform the duties of his office and his outward appearance of weakness projected to the world does not make him a compassionate man, it makes him a weak leader. Biden doesn’t understand that.

There is a growing number of single men attempting to cross the border. They often run when they spot law enforcement, unlike families and mothers with children who cross the border and wait for CBP or local law enforcement to pick them up. Bill Melugin, a FOX reporter who has done stellar reporting along the border, reports that one group of men arrested yesterday were wearing carpet on their shoes so as to not leave footprints.

Border Patrol agents in border states are overwhelmed and resources are inadequate to handle the large numbers, yet the administration continues to downplay the Biden border crisis. The numbers have decreased a little since August but not enough to stop records from previous years from being smashed. In February 2022, a 7% increase over January 2022 numbers was recorded. Biden has kept Title 42 in place, for the most part, and it accounts for 55% of rapid expulsions at the border. Border Patrol agents do not turn away unaccompanied minors and most families are allowed to stay, too.

The numbers show that 55% of all migrants encountered were expelled via Title 42 public health protections that were implemented during the Trump administration — 66% of single adults and just 29% of all family units were removed.

Meanwhile, there were 12,011 unaccompanied children encountered at the border, up from 9,4022 in February last year, and 8,760 in January. The Biden administration has exempted unaccompanied children from Title 42 removals, but a recent court order ordered the administration to end that exemption.

“CBP’s February Monthly Operational Update reflects the continued economic rebound from the depths of the COVID pandemic, with CBP officers processing more than 2.8 million shipments in legitimate trade valued at more than $236 billion,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said in a statement. “February also registered a slight uptick in the number of encounters along the Southwest border, with most individuals arriving from Mexico and the Northern Triangle, and the majority of noncitizens expelled under Title 42.”

More single adults came across the border last month and fewer families. CBP reports that about 30% of migrants apprehended are repeat offenders. They are expelled through Title 42 and continue to try to cross the border. Sixty-six percent of single adults apprehended in February were expelled while only 29% of family units were expelled. More than 12,000 unaccompanied minors cross the border last month. Minors who are Mexican citizens are not exempt from Title 42 expulsions.

And, so it goes. It’s like Groundhog Day on the border. The Biden administration will talk about the importance of the sovereignty of Ukrainian borders but not those of the United States. Great job, Joe.

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