Analysis: Biden's open border policies may not work out after all

The situation at the southern border is deteriorating rapidly enough that even normally Democrat-friendly media outlets are feeling obligated to report on it. Over at The Hill, Brett Samuels provides an analysis of the current trends and the conditions that immigration officials and illegal immigrants are facing. The huge numbers of unaccompanied minors being picked up by border security is rapidly overwhelming the capacity of facilities all along the border to process. The current situation is being described as a crisis, even by some Democrats and Biden supporters and there doesn’t seem to be any plan in place to deal with the surging numbers. One Texas state senator told The Hill that the current situation “is fast becoming a crisis and that officials there do not have the resources they need to process the migrants or to test them all for COVID-19.”

President Biden is facing a growing dilemma at the southern border that shows few signs of abating: the number of unaccompanied minors crossing into the United States steadily increasing in recent weeks.

Thousands of migrants have crossed the border in Biden’s first six weeks in office, many of them unaccompanied minors. The influx has tested the administration’s resources and ability to quickly implement its own strategy as Republicans sound alarms over what they have deemed a crisis of Biden’s making.

The Biden administration is rapidly adapting its approach to meet the need for space and staffing in a reflection of the seriousness of the situation.

I would first point out for you the tone this entire analysis takes. Samuels talks about the crisis at the border in the context of being a “dilemma” for Joe Biden rather than a collapse of our border security. It seems to me that worrying about Joe Biden’s reputation is a less pressing concern than figuring out how many of the hordes of people being pushed into a catch-and-release system either have criminal records or are carrying COVID.

The author also goes out of his way to quote someone from the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University who was more than willing to blame everything on, wait for it… Donald Trump. The accusation is that the system is being overwhelmed because Donald Trump “dismantled the institutions that make for a functioning immigration system.”

That charge is, of course, total malarkey. Trump didn’t dismantle anything. He crafted agreements with other countries to stem the flow of illegal aliens over the border, giving time for the immigration system to begin to catch up after it was totally overwhelmed by caravans during the Obama/Biden years. Now all of that progress is being lost and we’re falling further behind.

The Hill also tries to offer cover for Biden as to the cause for this sudden influx. In reality, Biden made it very clear that the borders would once again be open and that migrants would not be sent back to their home countries or told to wait in Mexico. What did he think was going to happen? Of course people started packing their things and trekking toward America in droves. Samuels points out that Joe Biden has “discouraged” would-be migrants from the Northern Triangle region from making the trip north. But what good did that do? He’d already hung out the welcome sign and now the migrants are taking him up on the offer.

After several quiet years, the southern border is once again turning into a disaster. Biden came into office promising to reverse Donald Trump’s immigration policies and he started dismantling them on day one through a series of executive orders and announcements. Now we’re reaping what Joe Biden has sown. I’ll close with this brief reality check from RNC Research.