Oct 2018

It’s probably not a mystery

Mar 2018

Sea change over Russia?

Feb 2018

Déjà vu: It’s “Infrastructure Week” … again

Ed Morrissey Feb 12, 2018 4:01 PM

Make gas-tax hikes great again?

Jan 2018

Open thread: The very tremendous State of the Union

Allahpundit Jan 30, 2018 8:41 PM

Really the best.

The party of no thanks

An infrastructure bill for a new era

Jazz Shaw Jan 29, 2018 12:31 PM

Public-private partnerships may be the only way to go

Oct 2017

Tick tock.

Aug 2017
Jul 2017
Jun 2017

“So you want me to sing my praises, is that what you’re saying?”

“Russian hacking may have penetrated further into U.S. voting systems than was previously understood.”

Apr 2017

“there was a very large infrastructure bill that was approved during the Obama administration…”

Mar 2017
Jan 2017
Dec 2016

Bypassing Chao? Don’t bet on it.

“FDR doing all this stuff gave the Democrat Party a 50-year guaranteed majority!”

Nov 2016

Hmmm: Trump picks Chao to run Transportation

Ed Morrissey Nov 29, 2016 12:01 PM

Something for everyone?

Let’s not get crazy on an infrastructure bill

Jazz Shaw Nov 19, 2016 8:31 PM

Rushing off a cliff in the first week would not end well

Trump agenda: Ready for another Porkulus?

Ed Morrissey Nov 14, 2016 4:41 PM


Aug 2016

Fiscal conservative my left foot!

May 2016


Apr 2016
Dec 2015

Let your fingers do the walking

Jun 2015

For liberals, the military is always the problem

Jazz Shaw Jun 08, 2015 10:41 AM

… or part of it, anyway

May 2015

“We have enough problems without taunting and driving everybody crazy.”

Aug 2014

“The American people don’t want me just standing around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Congress to get something done.”

Jun 2014


This is why the federal government should not have nice things.

Apr 2014
Mar 2014

As I’ve said before, I’m starting to lean toward the theory that the Obama administration really will make a Keystone …

The structural flaws ruining America

Jazz Shaw Mar 17, 2014 7:21 PM


Feb 2014

Hey, you know what could really help us ship all that oil safely?

Jan 2014

California dreamin.’

Aug 2013

Obama: Hey, we’re not spying on Americans … much

Ed Morrissey Aug 07, 2013 8:41 AM

The Gulf.