Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Virginia’s gubernatorial election is a scant nine days away and Democrats in Washington still have yet to pass either infrastructure bill. Will they push something through in the nick of time to help Terry McAuliffe or let him twist in the wind as Glenn Youngkin pulls even in the polls? The Sunday shows will inquire with some key players on the infrastructure process, starting with Nancy Pelosi. She’ll chat with “State of the Union” about the prospects of a deal on reconciliation this week and whether that’ll be enough to convince House progressives to pass the bipartisan bill immediately in order to help out McAuliffe. One of those progressives, Ro Khanna, will address the same subject with “Fox News Sunday.” Khanna has said before that a “framework” on reconciliation would be enough to get him to vote yes on the roads-and-bridges bill. But do all of his lefty colleagues feel the same way? If not, Pelosi’s stuck.

Pelosi will also be pressed on the coming court battle with Steve Bannon to force him to answer a subpoena from the January 6 committee. So will committee chairman Bennie Thompson, who’ll speak with “Face the Nation” about Bannon and the prospect of dramatic testimony next week from former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark. Clark was a key figure behind the scenes during the post-election period in trying to convince his superiors at the Justice Department to allege massive election fraud. Reportedly he came thisclose to being appointed acting Attorney General by Trump, only to have a battery of DOJ lawyers threaten to resign in protest if Trump followed through. He’s scheduled to testify before the committee this coming Friday. Thompson will preview some of the questions he’ll face, which doubtless will focus on what Trump knew and what he instructed Clark to do.

Finally, the feds’ science brain trust is scheduled to discuss the expanding booster campaign for adults and the imminent approval of Pfizer’s vaccine for kids aged five to 11. Anthony Fauci will talk to “This Week” while CDC chief Rochelle Walensky speaks with “Fox News Sunday.” How soon will it before everyone 40 and over is made eligible for third doses? They’ll guesstimate. The full line-up is at the AP.

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