Biden brags in Portland: "We've done one hell of a job"

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Joe Biden thinks that Democrats are having a hard time as the 2022 midterm elections approach because Americans just don’t know how awesome he and his administration are. That’s right. It’s not the rampant incompetence, the runaway federal spending, the highest inflation in 40 years, or any of the far-left policies his administration is pushing on any given day. No, it’s a matter of messaging. American voters just need to know about all of the Democrats’ accomplishments since he took office.


Biden is so deluded that he took this message to a Democrat fundraiser in Portland, Oregon Thursday afternoon. The venue was the Portland Yacht Club and the high dollar event was hosted by The New Republic’s owner and editor Win McCormack and his political consultant wife, Carol Butler. The fundraiser benefitted the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, the Democratic National Committee’s political action committee. Originally set to be held at the home of McCormack and Butler, the event had to be moved to accommodate the crowd. Biden was introduced by Columbia Sportwear’s Joe Boyle.

His administration has moved so fast and has gotten such excellent results that the average American can’t be blamed for missing all the success, you see. Biden said that ‘because things have moved so rapidly, so profoundly’ that ‘they don’t know a lot about what we’ve already done.’ Which, for most of us, is a horrifying thought. We’ve seen the results of this presidency and it’s scary enough, we don’t need to think about what we don’t see happening.

It’s easy to argue that the reason Democrats will take a shellacking in November is that Americans can’t help but see what the results of his administration’s policies are in their everyday lives. He’s busy touting jobs creation but most of those can be attributed to businesses reopening and the economy heating up after pandemic lockdowns. He talks about a low unemployment rate but employers can’t find people to come to work. Inflation is eating up salary increases and it’s difficult for many people to fill up their gas tanks to get to work. Paychecks are stretched to the breaking point at the grocery store and to pay for home energy bills. Biden’s numbers are lower than Trump’s now in some polls and yet Sleepy Joe is expecting a pat on the back for all his good work.


Biden spoke earlier in the day at Portland International Airport. He delivered an infrastructure-related speech and boasted its bipartisan support. Keep in mind that the infrastructure bill was signed into law last year and at this point, no one cares about infrastructure. People care about inflation, gas prices, the rise in crime, the Biden border crisis, parental rights in school decisions, and the soaring cost of housing. Yet, the infrastructure bill is about all Biden has to fall back on to brag about.

Democrats are panicked that the midterms will be a wave election cycle. Joe headed to Portland and then to Seattle Thursday. Thursday night he did his second fundraiser for the DNC. Democrats will need all the money they can get.

The president appeared at back-to-back fundraisers in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington Thursday – marking Biden’s first time fundraising on the road as president of the United States.

In Seattle, Biden headlined an affair at the lakefront home of Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer hosted by Microsoft’s President and Vice Chair Brad Smith and his wife Kathy Surace-Smith.

Biden did admit that Americans are angry about gas prices and inflation. He said voters will take their anger out by voting against Democrats. Then he said that Democrats just have to get the message out about what Republicans are running on.


But in Portland Biden pushed that winning was simply a matter of letting people know where the Democrats versus Republicans stand – and believed Democrats could pick up two Senate seats.

‘This is not your father’s Republican Party,’ he said. ‘This is the MAGA party.’

He tore into a plan pushed by Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott – who’s in charge of the National Republican Senatorial Committee this cycle – that sunsets all federal laws after five years.

Democrats, including Biden at the fundraiser, have jumped on that to suggest it means the end of Social Security and Medicare.

‘If you want a copy of it, I’ll send it to you,’ the president told attendees of Scott’s 11-point agenda. ‘That’s what they’re running on.’

So he lied. Republicans are running individual races and there is no talk of using Rick Scott’s plan – a plan he presented to pave the way for a potential challenge to McConnell to lead the party after the midterm elections. That’s not happening either. Biden has to color Republicans with one brush to make his point. The real problem for Democrats in November is that Biden has lost so much support from Independent voters and suburban woman voters. His unpopular policies and incompetence in office will drag down Democrats running in November.


In Seattle, Biden slammed DeSantis and the parental rights bill by calling it the don’t say gay bill. ‘There’s nothing conservative about throwing Disney out of its current posture… over saying gay?’ Who’s ready for a match-up between DeSantis and Biden in 2024? That would be awesome.

In the meantime, both Biden and Kamala have decided to hit the road and raise money for the party.

Democrats say that it’s crucial for Biden and Harris, as well as other well-known members of the administration, to take part in more fundraising events so that Democrats can protect their majorities.

“I think donors, like the rest of the world, are looking for in-person events. We have all been through our long COVID experience and I think we’ve all done our Zoom fundraisers but I think people are done with that,” said Steve Elmendorf, a prominent Democratic lobbyist and donor.

I wonder how long the road trips will last. Those two are disasters waiting to happen each time they appear in public. Biden speaks and immediately afterward a staffer has to clean up his remarks. Kamala is the Queen of Word Salads and just embarrassingly bad at speaking to an audience. Keep the popcorn handy.

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