confirmation hearings
Oct 2018

Seems to be some sort of conflict here…

Just pick a name, Chuck

Sep 2018

Live Video, Blog part 2: Kavanaugh’s testimony

John Sexton Sep 27, 2018 2:55 PM

Part 2.

Where did these guys come from?


Manchin: “These are allegations that are made and they have to come forth and prove their statements.”

Hirono goes the Full Hirono on Kavanaugh

Jazz Shaw Sep 25, 2018 8:01 AM

Never go the Full Hirono

“The Committee does not take witness requests…”

“We want her to appear.”

And this isn’t a good thing

A tale of two sittings

Stick to your story

All of this and nothing.


Collins: No sale on the Kavanaugh Roe memo

Ed Morrissey Sep 06, 2018 4:41 PM

“I’m not sure what the point of it is.”

Kavanaugh on Roe: “I live in the real world”

Ed Morrissey Sep 05, 2018 12:01 PM

“Precedent is the foundation of our system.”

Kavanaugh, Day 2: Second verse, same as the worst?

Ed Morrissey Sep 05, 2018 10:01 AM

“Sham!” Well … yeah.

At least for a few months, anyway

Graham: Sure, Kavanaugh could overturn Roe

Ed Morrissey Sep 03, 2018 4:01 PM

55 votes for the win?

Aug 2018

But she has no plan as to how to stop it

“It won’t be a landslide, but he’ll get confirmed.”

Jul 2018
May 2018
Apr 2018

“He was walking into an ambush.”

Dec 2017

According to anonymous sources “familiar with the incident”

Nov 2017

Grassley to Dems: Bye bye, blue slips

Ed Morrissey Nov 16, 2017 8:41 PM


Or at least doesn’t support it as much as she could

Jul 2017

“She did not get convicted for laughing. It was her actions as she was being asked to leave.”

Wray: Mueller not “on a witch hunt”

Ed Morrissey Jul 12, 2017 12:01 PM

Endorsed by …

Jun 2017

Obstructionism 101

Plenty of blame to go around

May 2017

“She did not get convicted for laughing.”

“It disrupted the session.”

Apr 2017

Grassley: Expect a SCOTUS opening this summer

Ed Morrissey Apr 20, 2017 8:41 AM

Tea leaves.

Mar 2017

Neil Gorsuch will likely be the end of Senate gang warfare

Chuck Schumer is really testing fate

Another one week delay on the Gorsuch vote

Jazz Shaw Mar 28, 2017 12:01 PM

Foot dragging on the way to the nuclear option

There’ a surprise, your honor.

The Gorsuch crucible starts today for red-state Dems

Ed Morrissey Mar 20, 2017 10:01 AM

Choices and consequences.