cease fire
Aug 2017

“a city-wide 72-hour ceasefire that began midnight Thursday”

Jul 2017

Hmmm: Russia, US reach deal for cease-fire in Syria

Ed Morrissey Jul 07, 2017 4:01 PM

First fruits?

Feb 2015

“At risk of collapsing”?

Aug 2014

Buyer’s remorse in Gaza?

Ed Morrissey Aug 13, 2014 1:21 PM

“Quiet will be answered by quiet on our side, but …”

Israel responds to Hamas rocket attacks

Ed Morrissey Aug 08, 2014 12:41 PM

More business as usual.

Israel withdraws from Gaza as cease-fire holds

Ed Morrissey Aug 05, 2014 9:21 AM

No thanks to Netanyahu?

Netanyahu to US: Don’t push a truce on us again

Ed Morrissey Aug 02, 2014 11:31 AM

Warns “not to ever second guess me again.”

Jul 2014

Flames, gasoline, some assembly …. a bad idea.

US-Israel split emerging in cease-fire talks?

Ed Morrissey Jul 26, 2014 1:01 PM


Kerry arrives in Israel for cease-fire talks

Ed Morrissey Jul 23, 2014 8:01 AM

Status quo.

Did the UN give rockets to Hamas?

Israel, Hamas agree to longer cease-fire?

Ed Morrissey Jul 17, 2014 8:01 AM

Egypt: “Palestinian factions” aren’t interested in protecting Palestinians in Gaza.

Jun 2014

Has Putin retreated on Ukraine?

Ed Morrissey Jun 25, 2014 10:11 AM

No, not really.