Good News: Ralph Nader Running for President; Update: Video added; Update: "Really unfortunate," says Hillary

From the Washington Post:

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader said on Sunday that he is launching another long shot independent campaign for president of the United States.

Nader, who will turn 74 this week, announced his presidential bid on NBC’s “Meet the Press” saying that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are addressing the problems facing Americans.


The Messiah can’t be too happy, given that many Democrats think Nader cost Al Gore the presidency:

Nader also ran for president in 2000 when he got about 2.7 percent of the national vote as the Green Party candidate and played a role in deciding the final presidential outcome. He also ran as an independent in 2004 and got only a tiny fraction of the vote.

Many Democrats blame Nader’s participation in the close race between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush in 2000 for tipping the election in favor of Bush. They believe that but for Nader’s name on the ballot in Florida, Gore would have been the clear winner and president today instead of Bush.

Me, I doubt the race will be close enough for Nader to make a difference this time. But in January, Allahpundit seemed to have some hope (if a conservative is allowed to use that word) that the “mangy old Clydesdale” Nader could shake up the race a little.

At the very least, it can’t hurt to have old Ralph in the mix as an allegedly “authentic” voice, detailing Obama’s weak record. Allah quoted Nader in January as saying this:

“His record in the Senate is pretty mediocre,” Nader said. “His most distinctive characteristic is the extent to which he censors himself. He hasn’t performed as a really progressive first-term senator would.”


Yeah, we could use a little more of that.

Update (AP): Here’s the clip. Substantively, a short hop to Obama’s left. Stylistically, grand canyon. Good lord.

Update (AP): Nader won’t do a lick of damage to Obama, who’s liberal enough to please all but the greenest greens and charismatic enough to make Nader seem decrepit by comparison. He’d be dangerous for Hillary, though. And she knows it.

Clinton was unaware, until questioned about by reporters, that Nader had announced Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he had decided to enter the 2008 race, and was clearly surprised at the news.

“Well that’s really unfortunate. I remember when he did this before. It did not turn out very well for anybody, most especially our country,” she said. “This time I hope it doesn’t hurt anybody. I hope it’s kind of a passing fancy that people don’t take too seriously.”

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