That time Sarah Silverman slammed Joy Reid for her ignorant tweet

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It’s so much fun when leftists fight other leftists, especially for public consumption. Yesterday, when leftists in the media were having a public meltdown about Governor DeSantis and his decision to reestablish a World War II-era civilian military force, a state guard, there was nothing too outlandish to be said about it. MSNBC host Joy Reid posted a particularly odious tweet that caught the attention of comedian Sarah Silverman.


Ed wrote about the CNN article that started the ball rolling. CNN was more concerned with trashing the governor than it was in honestly reporting the story. DeSantis is not doing anything that at least half of the other states are already doing. But, DeSantis is at the top of the list of potential 2024 presidential candidates, especially if Trump decides not to run, so CNN and the rest of the leftist media go off on him at every chance they get. Truthfulness doesn’t always make an appearance in a story.

Here is Reid’s early Friday morning tweet:

Eye-rolling from DeSantis supporters occurred after reading Reid’s tweet. The surprise element in this story is the reaction from Sarah Silverman. Silverman, the Bernie bro, the far-left feminist who no one would confuse for a DeSantis supporter, weighed in. She told Joy Reid to, you know, read an article before posting a tweet about it. Silverman said that “the truth has to matter. ” Good one, Sarah. Has she seen Reid’s show? Since when is MSNBC a harbinger of truth?

Here is Sarah’s response:


It caught my eye. Liberal on liberal conflict is the best, especially when Democrats are about to have their butts handed to them by Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections. Reid wants to help put the brakes on DeSantis as he easily coasts to reelection as governor and then faces making a decision about his future presidential ambitions. He’s young by political standards – only 43 – so he has lots of time, whatever he decides about that. He may decide to strike while the iron is hot, though, and his conservative leadership is at the top of his game. Silverman didn’t go on to drill down on her criticism of Joy Reid, her response was the only tweet about it. There is a tweet at the top of her Twitter timeline as I write this on Saturday morning that is a re-tweet from Silverman. The tweet is from Daniel Uhlfelder, who describes himself as “Florida Grim Reaper, Chairman of @removeron, “a chief tormentor of DeSantis,” & “man who triggers Mike Huckabee”, so there’s that. He does, as it turns out, honestly counter Reid’s “clickbait” tweet against DeSantis. It’s an interesting Twitter thread but, make no mistake, he is not in favor of the decision made by DeSantis, Uhlfelder just explains that it is not something that has never been done.


There were plenty of other leftists on social media clutching their pearls and slamming DeSantis as a fascist because of course, they did.

A MSNBC analyst worked all the bad words into his tweet:

There was a post that went up later in the day on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut Blog” written by Ja’han Jones that went on about the governor’s decision and declared, “He can’t be trusted.”

Don’t let that hodgepodge of political jargon fool you: There’s no reason whatsoever to believe Ron DeSantis would use his army of militarized volunteers to do anything but wreak havoc on vulnerable people.

It doesn’t require much of an imagination to think of all the ways this tyrannical, anti-science governor might like to use a weaponized force that’s accountable exclusively to him.

DeSantis is one of the most prominent GOP trolls holding a governorship in America. However, his latest proposal is deeper than political gamesmanship. It’s yet another sign that the Republican Party is willing and ready to round up military forces in order to execute its radical visions for America.


He sounds nice.

As usual, the press secretary for Governor DeSantis delivered an excellent response to all the hubbub.

“Today, ‘DeSantis’ was trending on Twitter alongside ‘Gestapo.’ This is a result of sensationalist false narratives pushed by irresponsible journalists,” DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw told Fox News. “The fact is that 22 other states already have a State Guard, like proposed for Florida. Calling them ‘Gestapo’ is disrespectful, not only to the service members who assist states in emergencies, but also to victims of the actual Gestapo.”

“Corporate media’s super-spreaders of disinformation are desperate to score cheap political points against Governor DeSantis, but they aren’t fooling Floridians. Florida is the freest state in the country, because we have a governor who fights to defend our constitutional rights – even in the face of an unprecedented onslaught from the Biden Administration. Protecting citizens’ freedom to live their lives and make their own choices, as Governor DeSantis does, is the opposite of dictatorship,” Pushaw added.

We could use more press secretaries like Christina Pushaw on the Republican side of the aisle. In the meantime, we can sit back and enjoy the show.

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