That "transgender wrestler" is going to be wrestling some boys

If you’re a regular follower of the site you may already be familiar with Allahpundit’s coverage of Mack Biggs, the transgender wrestler who was “forced” to compete in the girls’ competition while she was taking male hormones during her “transitional” phase. She wound up wiping up the field and scoring a huge victory, much to the dismay of the parents of other girls who had no such chemical advantages. But this spring Mack will finally get her wish in a different category of competition thanks to some recently enacted rule changes and compete against the boys. (Washington Post)

Transgender high school wrestler Mack Beggs is used to winning on the mat, but now, off the mat, the undefeated athlete who recently won the Texas state girls title, may have scored his biggest victory yet.

Beggs, who was born female but his transition from girl to boy began two years ago and now includes testosterone injections, has been fighting to compete against boys. This spring, he will get his chance thanks to USA Wrestling’s new transgender policy, which unlike Texas’s University Interscholastic League that sets the rules for high school competition, doesn’t require athletes to compete in the division according to the gender they were assigned at birth. In fact, quite the opposite, USA Wrestling’s new policy requires those transitioning from female to male to compete in the boys’ division.

Once again following these Social Justice Warrior trends, the USA Wrestling rules include the following caveat. “Those who transition from female to male shall only be eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.”

This story is really the whole enchilada when it comes to the social, medical and societal impact of this entire transgender debate. First of all, Mack began her “transition” a few years ago and at either the age of 16 or 17 was in a home where her parents were allowing her to begin taking hormones and found a doctor to support this. Granted, that’s not quite as bad as some of the truly criminal cases of prepubescent children whose parents have allowed doctors to give them injections to prevent the onset of puberty, but the human body is still in full developmental mode at 16. In a more sane world somebody would be going to jail for this.

Even if we set the physical, medical and long term psychological issues aside, the questions surrounding “transgender” athletes are brought up in this tale as well. This one is the reverse of the more common worry over men who begin competing in grueling physical sports against women. The new rules for USA Wrestling avoids that sticky trap by only allowing girls “transitioning” to being boys to compete in the opposite gender events. But in a truly “gender neutral” world, wouldn’t that be offensive? I mean, shouldn’t the opposite be allowed? Sounds rather insulting to the sensibilities of your average Social Justice Warrior if you ask me.

But now we’ll see Mack facing the opposite side of that question. In physical, strength oriented competitions (even down to the level of golf and tennis) women tend to fare terribly against the highest caliber of men in the same events. That’s not a sexist insult, but rather the plain reality of medical science. (Go see how well Annika Sorenstam fared in the PGA.) What happens when Mack has to go compete against the best boys in wrestling at the state level? Trust me… I was a wrestler in high school and made it to the regionals once. There are no girls, even with testosterone shots, who are going to stand for long there against opponents who are within a few pounds of them in body weight.

We can brush all of these broader issues aside, however. What should really be in question is the family that is allowing this to happen to their daughter. It’s going to almost certainly turn out to be a humiliating experience, exacerbated by the fact that she’s been turned into a national totem for the SJW movement. And there appears to be nothing that can be done to protect her under the current system.