Behold: Mary Landrieu in full meltdown

It’s almost the end of the line for the Mary Express, and she knows it. First, she tripled down on her ‘sexism and racism’ smear against an electorate that has entrusted her (a woman!) with 18 years in the US Senate, and that handed Gov. Bobby Jindal (whose skin is brown!) a re-election victory so comprehensive that he carried every single parish in the state. Then, she offered no comment after top aides and supporters confirmed Republicans’ principal charge against her, and exhorted partisan Democrats to vote illegally. Next, she blundered through her final debate, assailing her Republican opponent for allegedly collecting an improper pittance for his medical treatment of under-served patients (a calling card of his career as a doctor), which helpfully teed up a clean hit on her unethical use of taxpayer money to fund dozens of private jet flights.  Now she’s lashing out at her own party, accusing them of abandoning her — a gripe that is not inaccurate, and a tactical decision that is not unjustified:

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) lobbed a barb at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Tuesday, saying they effectively abandoned her after the Nov. 4 midterm election. “I am extremely disappointed in the Democratic Senatorial [Campaign] Committee. I’ve said that. You know, they just walked away from this race,” Landrieu said in response to a Washington Post question about Democratic groups mainly staying on the sidelines during the runoff. She made her remarks after a rally here just steps from City Hall…A DSCC spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

No comment?  That’s cold, bro. Yesterday we highlighted a Landrieu campaign radio ad aimed primarily at black voters that asserts that the Birther-dominated Republican Party “will impeach” President Obama if Bill Cassidy beats Landrieu.  They might as well have added, ‘because the Constitution dictates that impeachments of black presidents become mandatory when the opposing party controls 54, not 53, Senate seats.’  The spot asserts that Cassidy has shown Obama “so much disrespect.”  What specifically do you mean by that, Senator Landrieu, since you personally approved the ad?

Cassidy sometimes calls President Obama, “Obama”? Disrespect, bordering on hate speech.  One wonders what sort of commercial Landrieu would’ve run if Cassidy had mused aloud about assaulting the president:

President Bush faced increasingly bitter complaints today from local and state officials in the battered Gulf Coast region as he struggled to exert control over a disaster that almost surely claimed thousands of lives. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, a Democrat, said today that she was so angry about federal failures and second-guessing that if she heard any more criticism of local efforts, even from the president, she might “punch” him.

Someone arrest this dangerous woman who disrespected Our President by threatening physical violence!  I’ll leave you with a new ad from the Black Conservatives Fund, which condenses the pro-voter fraud harangue they caught on tape into a 3o second television spot:

The elder Don Cravins’ disgraceful comments are certainly worth highlighting, but I suspect the extraordinary affirmation from Landrieu chief of staff Don Cravins, Jr. that she’ll continue supporting Obama 97 percent of the time if re-elected might be the more impactful message to broadcast in the home stretch of this campaign.

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