MSNBC panelist: I wish we'd finally man up and have a conversation about race

Yes, that’s MSNBC’s most glaring flaw: Too few conversations about race.  Morning Joe regular and recovering plagiarist Mike Barnicle nails the diagnosis (via Twitchy):

“You can’t ban racism for life. And it’s endemic in our culture. No matter how many times we say we’re gonna have a conversation about race, we never have that conversation.”

Such low-hanging fruit was too much to bear for the folks at Digitas Daily, who’ve produced a quasi-definitive MSNBC “conversations on race” super-cut.  Enjoy:

It’s tough to pick favorites among the non-news network’s myriad colloquies on racial issues, though the most nuanced ones often involve fast-talking race hustler Michael Eric Dyson.  Who could forget his thoughtful “Jewish Nazi collaborator” analysis of Clarence Thomas’ Voting Rights Act decision?  Or the time he dropped the “white privilege” bomb on a conservative guest who dared to challenge his race-baiting?  Memories.  Here’s the funnest fact about MSNBC-approved “conversations on race:” The act of engaging in them makes one high susceptible to — ta-da! –charges of racism. Those who call most loudly for these discussions are often first up in the queue to denounce people for their unapproved attitudes.*  Knee-jerk racial demagoguery is most frequently directed at conservatives, but when there’s an overriding agenda at stake, no one is safe.

*Just for the record, none of this should be construed as an implicit defense of the high-profile actual racists who’ve been in the news recently.