Liberal group's TV spot: Why does Mitch McConnell support the same gun policies as al Qaeda?

That al Qaeda training video MSNBC via BuzzFeed tried to peddle yesterday, as some sort of “See, even al Qaeda thinks our background-check system needs work!”-attack on gun-rights defenders? A liberal advocacy group has already put together a TV ad that seizes on the vid to try and attack… Mitch McConnell?

Oh, honestly. Allahpundit already pointed out the completely false premise on which the terrorist vid is based: You cannot buy a “fully automatic assault rifle” at a gun show without a background check, or, you know, at all, unless it’s from pre-1986 and you want to go through an extensive permitting process with the feds. Did the lib group who put this together really not know that the al Qaeda vid is totally wrong, or did they just not care? Pathetic either way, and anyhow, I’m with Charles C.W. Cooke on this one: I see it as a net positive that people who want to hurt us are aware that we have easy access to means of self-defense.

Team McConnell was not impressed.

McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton said the Al Qaeda ad is the latest in a string of “deplorable” attacks.

“These rabid partisan extremists have no interest in promoting what’s right for Kentucky and they’ll stop at nothing to attack its biggest advocate,” he said. “The political Left has proven they’ll stop at nothing to target people who disagree with them. Racist attacks on Mitch’s family, illegal bugging, and connecting him with terrorists won’t stop him from fighting for the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Kentuckians.”

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