Christie on Pelosi's 'obstructionist' lamentations: "She's part of the problem"

It gets pretty galling hearing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi constantly bemoaning and repining the lack of compromise in Congress these days, as if partisan disagreement is some entirely new and unnatural phenomenon borne of humanity’s innermost wickedness. Don’t like that Congress only has a few action items on its real agenda and that the parties aren’t coming together to accomplish more? Okay, Minority Leaderdo something about it. This isn’t a “Republican Congress,” it’s a divided Congress, and it takes two to tango. Standing back and pointing fingers at those oh-so-ungallant Republican hostage-takers is achieving absolutely nothing. Exercising your remarkable penchant for lame talking points and whining about how your party is put-upon is not the same thing as being a leader. Please, get off of your fainting couch and quit being such a hypocrite.

Which is why I was glad to see someone in one of these late-night talk show forums throw Leader Pelosi’s affectations right back at her. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie can normally be relied upon to tell it like it is, and as he asserted simply in his keynote speech at the RNC last week, maybe all of these ‘leaders’ should stop complaining about everything and take a stab at actually leading.

Right around 3:30:

“She’s a big part of the problem. I mean… and any of the leaders up there are part of the problem if they’re not trying to make a difference. You can’t just sit there and say, ‘Well, we’re not talking to each other,’ and you’re one of the leaders. Well, then you gotta’ make a difference. And what I was trying to say in the speech is, leaders have the responsibility to get things done. Not just to sit and send out press releases and bark at each other, but to say, listen, people sent us there for a purpose, not just to pose for the cameras. It’s to get something done. So anybody who’s a leader who’s not getting that done, has part of the responsibility, no matter which party you’re in.”

Thank you. Good grief.