Bernstein on Biden: Everyone Knew -- Including Reporters

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Of course everyone knew. Joe Biden has exhibited cognitive dysfunction in public throughout his presidency, perhaps most especially over the last year. Americans could see that for themselves simply by watching Biden, and perhaps more tellingly, how those around Biden treated him while in public -- like a lost child.


But that's especially true of the corrupt media that chose to cover for Biden rather than report on him. That includes Carl Bernstein, the journalistic eminence grise of Watergate, who appeared on CNN last night to discuss the scope and breadth of the cover-up. Bernstein talks about the willful gaslighting of the team around Biden and the media's amplification of gaslighting in an attempt to convince Americans not to believe their lyin' eyes.

Suddenly, now that the emperor has been exposed as naked, Bernstein has "sources"! 

BERNSTEIN: Well, the debate prep was supervised by Ron Klain who has been with President Biden for many years. And people I've talked to have all been to Ron Klain in the last year to say we have a problem. We have a problem such as we saw the other night, that there have been numerous instances where the president has lost his train of thought, can't pick it up again, there was a fundraiser at which he started at the podium and then he became very stiff according to the people there as if it were almost a kind of rigor mortis and set in ...

COOPER: This was reportedly - allegedly in June of 2020.

BERNSTEIN: This was June of - this was a year ago almost exactly at the old Four Seasons Restaurant on Park Avenue. And he became very stiff and a chair had to be brought for him to do the latter part of the event. I think that what these folks are saying and have been saying for a while is, yes. He's great when we see him as we have tonight, but he also has these inexplicable moments that we are very concerned about. And you, Ron Klain, and the first family, we need to talk about this. And they've been pushed back repeatedly whenever it's been brought up.

COOPER: And are there - did your sources tell you about topics he's particularly engaged in or are there ...

BERNSTEIN: Not only - and it's not just these same people, there is no question, I have heard for two years how sharp Joe Biden is in his National Security meetings. He has special briefing books on Ukraine, on the situation in Gaza that go down into very detailed military reports. He has an absolute command of the facts. He's sharp as can be. You see the evidence of his being the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, of his work as vice president on foreign relations.

So we're clearly dealing with two sets of one person and it really needs to be explored according to the people I'm talking to and I think an awful lot of major Democrats believe this including some who have made statements to the contrary. But this is a problem that's not going to go away, unless it's explicable. 


Isn't it convenient to discover these sources now? The reason Bernstein and other media outlets are finally discussing it is because the debate exposed their cover-up for their preferred political candidate. And this has been going on for much longer than a year, contrary to Bernstein's claims. Remember this amazing moment from April 2022 -- two years ago -- when the Easter Bunny prevented Biden from talking to reporters at the White House?

Ask yourselves this: why didn't one single reporter there start digging into why the Easter Bunny ordered Joe away from the press gaggle? Didn't any reporter, present or not, find that extremely odd? 

Or did they all know the answer?

How about when special counsel Robert Hur published his warning about Biden's cognitive decline as the reason Hur didn't recommend charges against Biden? As I summarized in February, Biden had had a bad week even before Hur's report went public:

A special counsel just concluded that President Joe Biden's cognition has declined so significantly that he can no longer recall when he served as Vice President, the year "within several years" when his son died, or details of his position and allies on the Afghanistan issue during Obama's presidency. On three occasions in four days prior to that release, Biden asserted that he'd had conversations as president in 2021 with two world leaders about the January 6 riot -- both of whom had been dead for years. A poll taken over the weekend by ABC News and Ipsos shows that eighty-six percent of Americans think Biden is too old to be president -- and that includes 73% of the voters in Biden's own party.


How did the press react to that series of episodes and the Hur report? Did they start developing "sources" to get to the bottom of Biden's behavioral problems? Nope! Axios and others went with their usual 'Republicans Pounce®!' narrative:

And that came after a press conference in which Biden confused Mexico with Egypt when talking about aid to Gaza: "I think as you know initially, the president of Mexico, Sisi, did not want to open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in. I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate." I'm sure Guatemala appreciated the efforts. 

Did Bernstein think to develop his "sources" at that point? Did any major American media outlet, save for the Wall Street Journal, which reported on Biden's cognitive decline at the beginning of June? At that point, other media outlets should have begun investigating it themselves to either confirm or rebut the report presented by the WSJ of a doddering and failing president being propped up by aides and family members.

Instead, they kept quiet. Because they knew, and wanted to cover it up.

Bernstein knew. CNN knew. The New York Times knew. They all knew. Now they want to talk about their "sources," but only after the debate Thursday night exposed their political agenda, their gaslighting, and their corruption. 

Now they want to gaslight us again by pouncing on Biden's latest and undeniable failure under pressure, in an event he demanded as a test of fitness for the presidency, as a way to cover up four-plus years of political narratives masquerading as journalism. 


Don't let them get away with it. Don't let them ever forget it. 

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