Easter Bunny saves Biden from foreign policy questions

At this point, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a giant bunny monitoring the president during all of his unscripted remarks.

It would have come in handy a few weeks ago in Warsaw, for instance, if an anthropomorphic rodent standing nearby had yanked him offstage when he started mumbling about regime change in Russia.

Today was the first White House Easter egg roll since 2019. Things started off well enough, with the First Lady whispering instructions to the commander-in-chief:

But eventually Jill wandered off to do her own thing, leaving an oft-confused nearly 80-year-old man unattended. And you know what can happen when a senescent senior citizen is left unattended?

Dangerous things, that’s what. Like talking to Americans about foreign policy without a teleprompter.

Fortunately for the free world, Jill Biden may have fallen down on the job but the Easter Bunny is always watching:

When I first saw that, I thought the Bunny had simply wandered over to say hi to Biden at an opportune moment. Nuh uh. She really did lead him away:

Meghan McCain is aghast:

Well, hold on. Aren’t we overreacting? The person in the bunny suit was probably just some entertainer they hired who couldn’t resist hamming it up a little with the commander-in-chief. That person would have no reason to shepherd him away from bystanders.

Except … it looks like it wasn’t some random entertainer. Angela Perez is a member of Biden’s White House comms team:

Maybe the bunny really was on keep-him-away-from-microphones duty.

I prefer to believe that it was an apolitical entertainer, though. You don’t need to work for the president to have an interest in preventing him from speaking. All you need to be is an American patriot who’s watched one of his press conferences.

Maybe they can bring the San Diego Chicken out of retirement and assign him to Kamala Harris. Think of all the painful soundbites that would have spared us over the past 15 months.