Take the polls: What were the biggest -- and under-reported -- stories of 2013?

We’ll get to the polls momentarily, but first let’s continue counting down the top 50 most-viewed posts at Hot Air in 2013.  As I’m writing this (on Sunday morning), it’s about -2 outside my window, so it’s appropriate to kick off the Top 20 with …

Tomorrow, for New Year’s Eve, we’ll be back with the top 10 most-viewed posts of the year! At least three of them were big surprises for me — and will be for you, too. Stay tuned!

All right, let’s get to the polls. First, let’s choose the top four among these nominees for 2013’s biggest story. We’ll hold the finals tomorrow, and announce the winner on New Year’s Day:

Now, let’s also pick the year’s most under-reported stories. That may be the same as the biggest story, depending on definition, so don’t be shy in your vote:

Come back tomorrow to see the Top 10 posts of 2013, and vote in the finals!