What a coincidence: Single ObamaCare success story is ... OFA volunteer

Allahpundit told the story yesterday about how our intrepid national media searched high and low in this nation of 330 million people to find someone, anyone who could figure out how to actually buy coverage through the ObamaCare exchanges.  After putting out an SOS, the Washington Post finally found Chad Henderson, and so did the Wall Street Journal, Chattanooga Times/Free Press, the Huffington Post, and even “POLITICO!“, as Henderson himself announced later yesterday.  That had Mediaite’s Noah Rothman a little suspicious:

“Something major happened to me today,” Chad wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday. “I get off of work and find that I have 120 new notifications on my phone. Come to find out…. a few of President Obama’s top advisers had shared my ObamaCare enrollment story with their Twitter followers and I had received much positive feedback along with some hateful feedback.”

Long story short: they contacted me and my story will be published along with a video interview on the President’s official advocacy website, Organizing for Action, and could possibly make it on the White House website.

Hmm… Odd that your average, apolitical youngster would understand the distinction between OFA and the White House. He does list “political activist” as one of his professional skills. No matter. I’m sure the media outlets that have taken an interest in his background will vet his background.

Or would they? Rothman was convinced they would properly vet The Only Man In America With ObamaCare Exchange Insurance … at least until he wasn’t:

Chances are you will soon be hearing the name Chad Henderson and his heroic story of enrolling successfully in a health care exchange. His is a saga of hope and redemption. If Chad can do it, maybe the millions of other healthy young people needed to sustain this program can too.

UPDATE: It turns out Henderson’s knowledge of OFA was not the result of his astuteness or political acumen. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a current OFA volunteer. Maybe those many media outlets who spoke with him will make note of this seemingly relevant fact.

OFA? You mean Organizing for America, which spent the last year stuffing e-mail inboxes with an avalanche of missives about just how easy and wonderful ObamaCare would be?  That OFA?


henderson-linkedinIt’s not just OFA, by the way, but also his past record of Democratic Party activism that the media should have noted.  Henderson either is now or recently has been the President of the Walker County Young Democrats, depending on how updated his LinkedIn summary is.  Shouldn’t that have been disclosed along with the miracle of his successful registration this week?

But hey, the mainstream media has lots of editors and fact-checkers.  I’m sure they’ll get around to it. (via Doug Powers at the Boss Emeritus’ place)

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