Obamateurism of the Day

William Amos finds Barack Obama offering the people of Virginia some, well, strange advice at a campaign stop for the plummeting Creigh Deeds — considering the source:

Obama made passing reference to the Republican front-runner, Bob McDonnell.

“We don’t need people who are slick, who say one thing and do another and go back to the policies of yesteryear,” he said. “They got us in trouble in the first place.”

Obama continued, “we’ve got enough of those politicians — we have a whole bunch in Washington D.C.”

We’ve got one in the White House, too. Remember when Obama promised to fight the war in Afghanistan with more commitment than the Bush administration? Well, he hasn’t totally reversed himself yet on that, but he has on these positions from his campaign:

And that’s in just nine months!  Obama doesn’t need another politician like that in Washington DC.  It would just horn in on his territory.

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