A brief thought about Jimmy Carter

If Jimmy Carter believes that the “overwhelming” portion of criticism towards Barack Obama is due to racism, does he also believe that the overwhelming portion of criticism towards Israel is anti-Semitic?  Wouldn’t that apply to a man who hangs out with people who target Israeli citizens for terrorist attacks?  After all, Hamas regularly issues anti-Semitic harangues and smears, and yet Carter has no problem cozying up to them and claiming that their criticism of Israel is legitimate.

From now on, using Carter’s own logic, we should note each of his remarks on the Middle East by saying they come from “Jimmy Carter, known anti-Semite.”  Two can play this game.

UpdateThe Anchoress has some extended thoughts on this topic, but also remembers the words of Hillary Clinton in defending domestic dissent:

Just replace “not patriotic” with “racist,” and it works perfectly.

Update II: My friend Kerry Picket picks up on the video from last summer which purportedly shows Carter referring to Obama in a racist way, but that strips the context from Carter’s remark.  I refuted that last year, although I will say that had someone on the Right said this exact thing, it would be all over the Internet and on every lefty blog.

I also warned people about making me defend Carter again.  I’m going to pull this blog over to the side of the road, I tell you …

Allahpundit Aug 09, 2022 5:01 PM ET