Chaos Everywhere. Thank God The Adults Are in Charge!

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Wars. Coups. Building pogroms. Terrorists are crossing our borders. Xi Jinping's navy is committing piracy against our ally's boats and threatening death penalties for Taiwan independence supporters. 


Things are going fine in the world, and that's certainly because the adults are back in charge. 

Not just ANY adults, either. We have an octogenarian! Lucky us!

America is back, baby!

Seriously, as Democrats are focused on how to save their own asses by somehow convincing President Biden to step aside--almost certainly not going to happen, as they are realizing--none of them seem the least bit interested in the fact that a senile "adult" is the man in charge of the world's strongest military, our nuclear arsenal, and influencing two major wars and the closure of one of the most important shipping routes in the world. 

For years they have been insisting everything is fine--and watched the world descend into chaos. Now, everybody knows that they have been hiding the decline of the president, and they are still focused exclusively on saving their own access to power. 

The safety of Americans and the stability of the world be damned. 


Karen wrote yesterday about a Wall Street Journal story about how all our allies were worried at the G7 about Biden's mental capacities--to the point that one was placing bets about whether Biden would be on the Democrat ticket this fall. 

The G7. The most important international meeting in the world and the leaders of the most powerful countries in the world thought Biden was senile. Nobody in the administration took heed, and nobody in the media said the obvious. They did the opposite--they covered for Biden. 

European officials had already been expressing worries in private about Biden’s focus and stamina before Thursday’s debate, with some senior diplomats saying they had tracked a noticeable deterioration in the president’s faculties in meetings since last summer. There were real doubts about how Biden could successfully manage a second term, but one senior European diplomat said U.S. administration officials in private discussions denied there was any problem.

The White House disputed the characterization that Biden has stumbled on the world stage. “Foreign leaders see Joe Biden up close and personal,” said National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson. “They know who they are dealing with, how effective he has been, and how important his leadership is on the world stage.”


The White House disputed the characterization of European officials regarding what European officials actually thought. 

Think about that. This is perfect gaslighting. "I saw this," said a European official. "No, you didn't," the White House shoots back. 

“The reading in Europe is that this has been an unmitigated disaster,” said Nathalie Tocci, director of the Institute of International Affairs in Rome and a former adviser to the EU’s foreign-affairs chiefs, referring to Biden’s attempts to reassure voters worried about his age. European officials and prominent commentators, she added, “have been talking about it. It’s something that has been known, always, that his age is his main Achilles’ heel.”

In the hours after Thursday’s debate, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk told reporters that the Democrats have a problem.

“I was afraid of this. It was to be expected that in a direct confrontation, in a debate, it would not be easy for the president,” said Tusk, who has known Biden for years. Asked what he thought of proposals to replace Biden with another candidate, he said: “They definitely have a problem. The reactions have been unambiguous.”

Norbert Röttgen, a senior lawmaker in Germany’s center-right main opposition party and the former chair of its parliament’s foreign-affairs committee, said on X: “The Democrats must switch horses now.” Slovenian former Prime Minister Janez Janša said he bet months ago that Biden would no longer be on the ballot in November. 

When Biden was in France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day in June, he struggled. During a bilateral meeting in Paris with Zelensky, Biden spoke so softly that reporters brought in to document the meeting between the two men couldn’t initially hear the American president. Zelensky, a non-native English speaker, could be heard clearly.


The people who are desperately trying to save Biden's candidacy aren't just liars--they obviously are that--but have proven what you and I have known for years: they are happy to risk anything and everything, including major wars, foreign policy disasters, thousands of deaths, the fate of Taiwan...just to keep their hands on the levers of power. 

Where do you think those trillions of tax dollars go? A not inconsiderable percentage goes into the pockets of Biden's friends in business, politics, the nonprofit world, and into his family's as well. The people around Biden want that gravy train to keep on chugging, so they risk us all to stay in power. 

Is this treason? I don't think it meets the definition. But it is something close enough. 

All the arguments about how Biden can be a part-time president in the 6 hours a day he is more or less lucid have some plausibility when it comes to domestic policy. He sucks at domestic policy, but his aides do most of the sucking in more ways than one in that realm. 


It is in matters of war and peace that Biden's senility is a clear and present danger, and nobody defending Biden and referring to his having great aides is thinking a bit about what Putin, Xi, Khamenei, and all our adversaries have seen. 

Our allies know Biden has to go, and will say so sotto voce. 

Biden is "leader of the free world?" I don't think so. And that is dangerous. 

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