Video: Hill shill spins anything less than a double-digit defeat as "victory"

There is a town in Iowa called Waterloo. Just sayin’.

Strange things are going on with the Hillary campaign. She’s “boycotting” Russert, dodging not just O’Reilly but apparently most of the press, spending hours with a couple hundred people in a gym when she ought to be out making her case in stop after stop and giving the press all the time they want if it means she can reach more people, and she’s emoting in ways that make Data from Star Trek look more human. And on tonight’s O’Reilly factor, a paid Hillary ally attempted to spin anything under a 10-point New Hampshire loss to Obama as a “victory.” Larry Sabato gives that theory all the respect it deserves.

There’s a Waterloo, New Hampshire too.

More: I’ll leave you for the night with an appropriate image from our friend at Cry Havoc.