Video: For Bhutto's assassination, Musharraf blames...Bhutto

What he said to 60 Minutes last night does contain nuggets of truth that I’ve brought up before: Bhutto’s decision to pop up out of the top of the van in the middle of a throng exposed her to her fate. But for Musharraf to put all of the blame on her for her assassination — all of it — won’t and shouldn’t play well. First of all, the person who is most responsible for Bhutto’s death is the man who carried the attack out, not the victim. Second, it’s likely that the man wasn’t acting alone, and it’s possible that he had help from elements of Pakistan’s military or ISI. Scotland Yard is being brought in to find out who else may have taken part in the plot. For people who followed Bhutto, think she was the greatest hope for Pakistani democracy etc, Musharraf’s remarks here will probably add some fuel to the fire. We have Bhutto blaming Musharraf from the grave and now we have Musharraf blaming Bhutto in the grave. This represents the best hope for Pakistan’s stability? Sheesh.