I linked an item about this the other day in Headlines but the Times provides detailed background in case you missed it. Long story short: Yet another pastor was set to torch The Book That Must Not Be Burned until a plucky stoner with a song in his heart and a plan so crazy it just might work somehow managed to snatch it away. When asked to comment afterwards, he uttered his now famous line and American music history was made. Two clips for you below, one of the news report and the other of the earworm du jour. I’m loath to draw any “teachable moments” from an episode this moronic, especially since it looks like Stony McStoner acted not out of fear of any jihadi pogrom but rather, in his own blinkered misdemeanor-ish way, to further community harmony. But how about this: Maybe this is the way the feds should handle Koran-burnings from now on, huh? Put together an elite team of drifters and airdrop ’em in anytime free expression that “endangers the troops” is undertaken. Sure, it would involve theft, but all it would take to make that legal is a teensy extension of America’s eminent domain laws. I’m sure the Supreme Court would find it constitutional. Rubber-stamping government abuses of eminent domain is, after all, what they do.

I give you my strongest content warning about the second clip: It’s insanely catchy. Not as insanely catch, perhaps, as that new Cee-Lo tune whose name I’ll kindly refrain from mentioning, but … it’s up there. Proceed at your peril.