10 p.m. ET on Fox News, of course. After not one but two posts on l’affaire LL, my curiosity has been piqued. Especially after learning that there will indeed be an in-studio interview component to the show:

The hour is made up of inspiring people, focusing on everyday heroes from across the spectrum. The ’stock hero’ nature of the stories – helping children, Marine, boy and his dog – doesn’t make each tale tug less at your heartstrings. Many of the stories conclude with short interviews between the key participants and Palin on a set in front of a studio audience, brief interactions that allow Palin, and likely Fox News, a chance to see her flex potential talk show muscles…

Those who love Palin will love this – those who hate her won’t find much to bash, other than to maybe snark the occasional awkwardness in her on-set exchanges. There’s very little doubt the former GOP VP nominee will be an enormous star, and this proves that even further. Maybe she stumbles a bit in interviews, but in this format – awfully similar to an Oprah-like show – she thrives.

Will we see more Palin Fox News specials? You betcha.

The way things are going for Romney these days, he’ll be available to co-host sometime soon. Exit question: Would they or would they not make a picture-perfect morning chat show duo? I ask you.