And so, after two years of pounding Geraldo Rivera for reducing a complex issue to its lowest, crudest, most demagogic common denominator, we find that our own party leadership agrees with him. Do you have Hispanic friends? No you don’t, not if you’re one of the 69 percent who prioritizes border enforcement over, ahem, “comprehensive immigration reform.” The boss has an English translation but I’d like confirmation from our Spanish-speaking readers, as I simply can’t believe the RNC would stoop to this. Is this an accurate rendering of the beginning?

How do you know someone is a friend?

You know because they stand up and defend you when it is hard.

When Hispanics needed a friend in Congress during the immigration debate… Who stood up? Who spoke out?

John McCain.

Note: This isn’t Michelle’s translation, it’s the version that the RNC’s sending around, so it expresses their intent even if the Spanish version doesn’t precisely match. Exit question: What’s the difference between the insinuation here and the insinuation … here?