RedLasso being RedLasso, there’s a fair chance this won’t play by the time the post is published. If that happens, just watch the clip at HuffPo. As I write this, he’s on MSNBC drinking deep from the well of Strange New Respect with the man who once accused him of participating in “treasonous” behavior and called on him to resign. I should have added that as a corollary to last night’s post: Yes, Olby’s show is one long serial exercise in questioning his opponents’ patriotism, but tell him what he wants to hear and he’s remarkably forgiving.

In fairness, McClellan’s not saying anything here that Jenna Bush hasn’t, and he’s likely being victimized by some unfair editing. He had nice things to say about McCain earlier in an interview with USA Today; oddly enough, it’s only the Obama stuff that made it onto ABC. Exit question for anyone familiar with the publishing industry, which I am not: Salon is touting the fact that he got less than $100,000 for his advance (a pittance compared to Rove) as proof that he’s not in this for the money. But given the spectacular claims he’s making about Bush and the fact that the book’s headed for the Times bestseller list with a bullet, doesn’t he stand to make a fortune on the royalties anyway? In fact, if he didn’t get much up front, doesn’t that only give him that much more incentive to try to move units by making his claims extra-special spectacular?

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