A nice catch even by the ‘Busters’ usual high standards, but I must take issue with the aspersion cast upon my special, special lady. They’re accusing her of pandering to the crowd by lapsing once again into a regional dialect. Au contraire. This isn’t her southern “sumpin’,” this is her all-purpose untraceable one-of-the-common-folk “sumpin’,” I believe, a vibe most recently channeled in her chummy “just two kids from the suburbs, yakkin’ about politics” interview with O’Reilly. There’s nary a whiff of cornpone in anything else she says, although perhaps I’m just not hearing it anymore because, after all, I wuv her.

Exit question: Is “sumpin'” the correct spelling here? Isn’t it closer to “some-t’in”? “Some’in”? There’s a “t” in there somewhere, I’m pretty sure. We should figure this out now, before tomorrow night’s victory speech.

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