Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

What’s your pleasure this morning? 2016 hopefuls throwing rhetorical punches over Iraq and foreign policy or Kevin McCarthy trying to reassure conservatives that, no, really, he’s one of them? For McCarthy, turn to “Fox News Sunday.” Maybe he’ll give us an inkling of whether there’s any last-gasp chance for amnesty this year or if it’ll have to wait for the new term. Expect plenty of compliments for new majority whip Steve Scalise, too. Scalise is a conservative but he and McCarthy have a good relationship, one of the reasons that Marlin Stutzman and some House conservatives were leery of elevating Scalise.

If you want the Iraq debate, Marco Rubio will be on “Face the Nation” to make the case for hawkishness and Rand Paul will counter on “Meet the Press” and “State of the Union.” MTP’s already leaked the soundbite from his interview in which he says he doesn’t blame Obama for the current state of Iraq. His libertarian fans will be pleased to hear that. Will conservative primary voters? The full line-up is at Politico.