Harry Reid: I don't recall accusing Republicans of lying about ObamaCare horror stories

Via America Rising and the IJR, is this the key that finally unlocks the enigma of Harry Reid, tinpot demagogue? Maybe, from moment to moment, this guy just … doesn’t realize what’s coming out of his mouth. Hard to believe he could forget saying on the Senate floor that all ObamaCare horror stories — all of them — are a GOP/Koch brothers fairy tale designed to besmirch the stellar reputation of the Affordable Care Act. Those remarks got heavy coverage in conservative media, and even got picked up at WaPo. You don’t toss a grenade that powerful without choosing your target carefully. Or do you? Someone needs to ask this guy if he’s heard any unusual stories about Mitt Romney’s taxes. If he blanks on it, we’re onto something.

Imagine how upset he’ll be when he finds out that even a few younger people have had trouble figuring out how Healthcare.gov works.