Abortionist on LiveAction sting: "I really consider them terrorists"

By “them,” he means the LiveAction people who exposed him, not doctors who’d leave a live-born infant to die on a table because that’s what mommy wants.

Guy Benson wrote about this in the Greenroom but it deserves some attention on the front page.

When a patient is seeking a late-term abortion, he said, he will insert a suppository to open her cervix. Two days later, he said, he completes the procedure by cutting the umbilical cord until the cord stops pulsing. Then he removes the fetus. He said he has never had a live birth during an abortion.

He said he was “tripped up” by a hypothetical at a moment when he was trying to reassure a client. “Once the baby is born, it’s out of everybody’s hands, and the baby has rights, too,” he said. “I understand that and I support that.”

He said he has not watched the video because “I don’t like to feed into these people. I really consider them terrorists.”

It’s not out of everybody’s hands. What percentage of babies born accidentally during abortions do you think make it out of the clinic alive simply because the doctor and his “patient” feel duty bound to follow the law and save it? If two people go into a room to kill a defenseless person, knowing that police almost certainly will never find out what happens in there, it beggars belief to think that a slight change in circumstances, i.e. emergence from the womb, will transform their intentions instantly from “kill” to “save.” It’s preposterous. The doctor doesn’t want to gain a reputation for being inept at his “service” and the mother doesn’t want to suddenly be “burdened” with caring for a child for 18 years whom she thought would be dead 10 minutes ago. Santangelo knows what he’s supposed to say when asked about this, which explains his quote in the WaPo piece today, and he knows the reality of the situation, which explains why he said what he said to LiveAction’s people. And that reality, and the mind-boggling arbitrariness of the kill/save distinction, is so uncomfortable that it leads him to lash out at LiveAction as moral monsters instead of facing the music himself. He’s not the only pro-abortioner guilty of that today either:

Ace retweeted someone this afternoon who noted that this is like saying that Jacob Riis photographing New York slums to expose the conditions there was more disgusting than the conditions themselves. How many slumlords thought Riis was a “terrorist”?

Meanwhile, in closing arguments at the Gosnell trial today, the defense wants America to know two things. One: Gosnell didn’t murder those babies, he killed them lawfully by poisoning them in the womb, so there. And two: The prosecution is “elitist” and “racist.” Not “terrorist” too?

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