Video: "Prometheus" trailer

I posted the first trailer back in December but that was half as long and essentially impressionistic. It looked amazing but it was hard to tell what the story was about. It was all about setting a mood, the mood being “if you liked ‘Alien’ and ‘Blade Runner,’ you’re going to wet your pants when you see this.” Four months later, here’s the full-length trailer — and it looks more amazing than the first one did. But, at first blush at least, it does feel a bit derivative. That’s not unexpected, as this flick was originally intended as a prequel to “Alien” that ended up going off on its own tangent, but between the guy convulsing on the table here, the voiceover of someone yelling “cut it off!”, and the requisite scenes of astronauts probing alien goo, you’re left wondering if something’s going to burst through someone’s chest in this one too. Or maybe that’s the point — to goose all the “Alien” fans with hints of a familiar form of terror and then throw them a curveball in the actual plot. Ah well, doesn’t matter. It’s Ridley Scott doing sci fi. You’re going to go see it.

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