Video: "Prometheus" trailer

Why yes, it is “trailer week,” a.k.a. “slow-news holiday week,” at Hot Air. I dig this one more than any of the others we’ve blogged lately, but admittedly there’s some grade inflation going on. For one thing, it’s Ridley Scott’s first shot at sci fi since “Blade Runner”; if you’re wondering why the clip looks like a cross between BR and “Alien,” well, that’s why. (“Prometheus” was originally intended as an “Alien” prequel, in fact.) Beyond that, the trailer is all mood and no plot, and because it looks fantastic the expectation is that the movie will be fantastic. But maybe not: The storyline’s been kept secret so far but apparently the first draft of the script seemed sufficiently “rough” to Charlize Theron that she insisted on working on it with Scott and screenwriter Damon Lindelof. What could go wrong?

Actually, for once I’m not sure that anything can really go wrong. The F/X look gorgeous and there seems to be enough screaming/shooting/exploding happening to keep things interesting. How can a flick like this miss?