North Korean state media: Jimmy Carter sent us his condolences

Via Business Insider, true or not? On the one hand, it’s North Korean state media.

On the other hand, it’s Jimmy Carter.

In the message Jimmy Carter extended condolences to Kim Jong Un and the Korean people over the demise of leader Kim Jong Il.

He wished Kim Jong Un every success as he assumes his new responsibility of leadership, looking forward to another visit to the DPRK in the future.

The Washington Times asked the Carter Center to confirm or deny but his spokesman’s out of the office until after New Year’s. Could be NorK propaganda, of course, but in that case it’s odd that Carter’s the only former president named on the KCNA website. If you’re going to lie about phantom condolences being sent, why not claim that Clinton and the Bushes and even George Washington sent theirs too? (Carter’s a special case in that he’s visited North Korea, but then so has Clinton.) Don’t forget either that he carried water for the regime earlier this year, much to Hillary’s annoyance, when he accused the U.S. and South Korea of violating North Koreans’ human rights by stopping food shipments in order to put pressure on Kim. Would a guy like that, who’s been known to literally hug Hamas members, send condolences on the death of the world’s foremost gulag operator in the name of “outreach” and “dialogue”? Well … maybe, sure. Does anyone on either side think he categorically wouldn’t?

There’s nothing like a Jimmy Carter story to get you to appreciate Obama a little more by comparison. Merry Christmas, champ.