Video: So, what's it like to have a Democratic colleague tell you "You are f***ing dead"?

Presumptive answer to the question posed in the headline: “Ask anyone who’s worked with Rahm Emanuel.” The story of Gordon Hintz’s meltdown on the Wisconsin assembly floor broke yesterday via radio host Charlie Sykes; today, inevitably, comes the conservative media tour for Hintz’s target, GOP Rep. Michelle Litjens, to share what she’s learned about the Party Of Civility™. Three quickie points from the two clips below, one from Fox News and the other from Laura Ingraham’s radio show. First, as Litjens herself notes, although Hintz’s outburst happened several days ago, he didn’t get around to apologizing to her until Sykes started talking about this on Monday. Fancy that. Second, the Hintz incident itself is less alarming than what she says about needing a police escort in the Capitol. There were reports last week of Walker phoning Republican senators to warn them that their safety couldn’t be assured; this is how far it’s gone, evidently. And third, needless to say, after the left’s grotesque, groundless demagoguery of the Tucson shooting as some sort of indictment of Republican rhetoric, conservative media will happily grind their faces in each and every bit of incivility expressed by union protesters or their apologists. The videos and photos of protesters with incendiary signs are already old hat after two weeks, but for righties forever tarred with the worst excesses of cranks who show up at tea party rallies, the appetite for liberal hypocrisy is insatiable.

A funny bit not to be missed: At 5:40 of the second clip, Ingraham asks Litjens what the statehouse smells like these days. How … uncivil.

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