Judge Napolitano: It’s hard for me to believe that WTC7 came down by itself

Via the Right Scoop, it’s a few days old but shouldn’t pass unmentioned. Skip ahead to 3:44 for the key bit. In lieu of repeating the points about WTC7 that I made the last time a Fox News/Business host started Just Askin’ Questions about 9/11, let me ask: Precisely how many of these people does Fox have on staff? Am I going to open a newspaper tomorrow and find out that Megyn Kelly or Julie Banderas thinks the Pentagon was hit by a missile? And no, before anyone mentions Beck, he’s not a Truther. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Between this and Ron Paul wondering on the House floor whether the U.S. government might cook up a “contrived Gulf of Tonkin-type incident” to justify war with Iran, I wonder what the demographic breakdown is among Truthers between Bush-hating liberals versus strong-form libertarians whose skepticism of government knows virtually no intellectual limit. Frankly, maybe I’d rather not know. Oh, and yes — that is indeed the one and only Alex Jones whom the Judge is chatting with. Wonderful.